View of the outdoor swimming pool at Iguazu Grand Resort

Things to Do in Iguazú Falls

Experience the Beauty of Iguazú Falls

Hotel Iguazú Grand is located on eight hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens only 15 minutes from Iguazú National Park, 20 minutes from Puerto Iguazú Airport and just a short drive from the cities of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Foz de Iguazú (Brazil).

Iguazú Falls was chosen as one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World in 2014. This imposing natural paradise stands out for its ecological importance, diversity and stunning beauty. From here, the most popular attractions and things to do in Puerto Iguazú are only moments away.

Distant view of Iguazu Falls near Grand Hotels Lux

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, declared Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on 1984 and one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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Streets in Downtown Puerto Iguazu near Grand Hotels Lux

Downtown Puerto Iguazu

Whether you want to find great places to eat, enjoy a vibrant night life or stop by different bars for refreshing drinks, you can discover so many fun activities to experience downtown. There’s even a wonderful handicrafts market for clothing, utensils, textile and souvenirs.

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Parque Nacional Iguazu in Argentina near Grand Hotels Lux

Parque Nacional Iguazu in Argentina

Created in 1934, this national park protects the environment and the biodiversity of the Iguazú Falls. A significant number of tourists are drawn to the gorgeous waterfalls throughout the year. But you can also visit this park for the popular jungle tours or to observe the spectacular fauna and flora.

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Distant view of Iguazu Falls near Grand Hotels Lux

Parque Nacional do Iguacu in Brazil

One of the most stunning waterfalls of the world can be seen at this national park. There is also a beautiful rainforest that has over 2,000 kinds of vascular plants and amazing wildlife. From giant anteaters to monkeys to jaguars, you can observe these awe-inspiring animals in motion.

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Aerial view of The Itaipu Dam near Grand Hotels Lux

Itaipú Dam

Located on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay, the Itaipú Dam is considered the largest of its kind in the world. Come during the day for magnificent views from the central lookout. And stay for the evening to see its famous nighttime light shows.

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Ruins of San Ignacio Mini near Grand Hotels Lux

San Ignacio Jesuitic Ruins

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, these ruins are viewed as one of the many missions founded in 1632. The Jesuits in the Americas elevated this famous area during the Spanish colonial period. Make sure to add this attraction to your itinerary.

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Distant view of Hito Tres Fronteras near Grand Hotels Lux

Triple Frontier

Experience the tri-border region, where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. This landmark is particularly notable because it has been formed by the natural convergence of the Panama River and the Iguazú River. It’s an extremely popular attraction that appeals to many tourists exploring this region.

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Interior view of The Wanda Mines near Grand Hotels Lux

Semi-Precious Stone Mines

Approximately 40 kilometres from Iguazú, you can visit these beloved mines to see breathtaking gemstones. A local guide is available to take you through the caverns, where you can view amethyst, topaz, quartz and other precious gems.

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Macaw birds captured in the Bird Park near Grand Hotels Lux

Bird Park

Enjoy five hectares of native subtropical forest that offer memorable opportunities to watch and photograph birds in their native habitat. You can enter forest aviaries that are eight metres high to see the many different kinds of exotic birds in this wonderful park.

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Item shelfs in Duty Free Shop near Grand Hotels Lux

Duty Free Shop

This mall has every kind of item you could wish to find from the best national and international brands. The huge selection of tax-free products are distributed across six buildings that are always fun to browse.

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